kenya smallAs a Stargardtien, you develop a feeling for light. You will immediately notice differences in light or insufficient lighting. For me, the question arises whether there are also cultural differences.

kenya smallFor once a technical contribution: As a Stargardtien, I can't do much with a laptop: The screen is too far away to work comfortably. The enlargement software helps a little, but it usually ends with back pains because I have to bend over the device. So all that remains is a permanently installed monitor of the correct size and height. Or isn't it?

kenya smallWhen you are one of the few Europeans in a small Kenyan town, you get notices. Conversely, as a Stargardtien, I often only notice a different skin colour in hindsight.

kenya smallThe colour of the plate helps to see what is edible on it (see the article “What am I eating there?”). In Kenya, I had to revise my preference for white plates. And since some dishes are eaten with the fingers, new challenges emerged for a Stargardtien.

kenya smallThe street vendors are sometimes a bit pushy, especially when they appear in bulk, such as around a Matatu station. As a Stargardtien, I have a built-in “deterrent”.