kenya smallIt is not always easy for Stargardtiens to recognize what a market woman or a shop offers. And the name of the shop doesn't sometimes help either.

kenya smallIf one's own currency is sometimes not clearly distinguishable, how will it be with an unfamiliar one? The current Kenyan bills series has been in circulation for quite a long time and you can see that: they are very hard to distinguish.

kenya smallThe views when a cup is full are different in different cultures. I found out that as a Stargardter I can get into an insoluble situation when filling a cup.

kenya smallNot unexpectedly, traffic is a problem in Kenya. This also worried my Kenyan colleagues the most, before I came here. Traffic rules are only roughly adhered to and the principle of letting the weaker road users take precedence is not very common.

After a while without posts, I resume blogging. The reason for this is my three-year stay in Kania. Just over a year ago, I came to Nyahururu, a small town in the centre of Kenya, to help out with two socially engaged organizations as part of a personnel development cooperation program organised by the Swiss NGO Comundo.