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After a while without posts, I resume blogging. The reason for this is my three-year stay in Kania. Just over a year ago, I came to Nyahururu, a small town in the centre of Kenya, to help out with two socially engaged organizations as part of a personnel development cooperation program organised by the Swiss NGO Comundo.

Of course, the decision was preceded by some considerations - not least in relation to my Stargardt. Can I manage such a big change of environment? How will people get along with it? Will I be able to bring and use all my technical aids? Interestingly, my visual impairment played only a minor role in the decision. Whenever I change my surroundings within Switzerland or Europe, I also have to adapt to it every time: the different style of the people, the way they behave in traffic, the way the shops announce themselves. The following contributions report on my experiences as a Stargardter in K.enya. If you want to follow my non-Stargardt related adventures I invite you to my Nyahururu-Blog.

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