Sometimes the little things became suddenly a challenge. For example, lighting a candle. The long thin ones are not a problem. But the short thick ones....

There are situations where I puzzle over a remark or behaviour of people around me. This is not surprising in itself, to Stargardtians this happens frequently and constantly. The solution to the puzzle is always that I lacked a visual cue, or I've simply not seen the triggering event.

Here is a brief report about a little trip and what it has to do with cream cheese, elevator buttons and toilet signs.

For Stargardtiens faces are difficult to recognise. It is usually already a challenge to figure out if the person is  looking at you or not. The distinguishing of facial expressions is only possible in particularly good light and only when the facial expressions are clear. This is an limiting factor when dealing with other people missing.

Stargardt also has an impact on the perception of space. I do not mean the simple oversight of an object on my walking way or on the table. There are moments where the whole space around me loses its third dimension.