kenya smallStargardtiens always take a little longer to realise what is in front of them or what is happening. This is sometimes unpleasant because they have no warning, are surprised and have to react spontaneously. But it also protects them from making rash judgements.

kenya smallIt is polite and decent to look your counterpart in the eye. But as a Stargardtien, that's not so easy. The customs in other countries though can be to one's advantage.

kenya smallIt's an election year in Kenya. The official nomination is near, the candidates have been positioning themselves for a while. Among other things, the president, the parliament and the provincial governours will be elected. As we were recently driving through the city, a colleague asked me what I think of all the banners on the houses. I had to ask what she meant exactly.

kenya smallSometimes when I'm out with people, I'm reminded of what I can't see anymore. It's often not that tragic, but every now and then there are small things that I realize I miss. Just like recently on the nature trail.

kenya smallStargardtiens have to constantly compensate for the reduced sense of sight. The next best channel of perception is hearing. And you can get quite far with it as I recently realised again while hammering in a nail.