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Also, the detection of stains and dirt has its pitfalls. Often there's only a systematic approach - all or nothing. And sometimes the season helps.

 My kitchen floor is white. As one would think this makes a drop of coffee or spaghetti sauce fairly visible. Well, for a Stargardter. When the drop is large enough, I can hear it hitting the floor and hence knows that it's time to open the cleaning cupboard. Sometimes I run in such dried misadventures when I'm crawling on the kitchen floor tracking down the runaway nut or the dropped teaspoon. Otherwise ...

After school, I worked one season as a night clerk in a large hotel. Among my various duties was, just after the taking in the daily delivery from the bakery for the breakfast buffet, the cleaning of the entrance hall. My supervisor instructed me that it's all about going to remove the dirt that people may have brought in late the night before. The ordinary cleaning crew came in the afternoons. So it would be enough if I just briefly tackle the visible traces with a vacuum cleaner. So far so good, but on the patterned carpet of the hall, the bit with the visible did not work with me. So I toured every morning at half-past five the entire hundred square meters of the hall. Transferred to my kitchen this means: Regularly mop the whole kitchen. This is no harm anyway and luckily my kitchen has no hundred square meters. In the rest of my apartment, I'm not so consistent. But I have found out that my floors are cleaner in summer than in winter. This has nothing to do with what comes in from the outside, but with the fact that I'm actually always going barefoot in the summer. I feel then under my soles, whether it's time to get out the broom. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the cobwebs on the ceiling ....

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