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Shopping also has its pitfalls. I don't particularly like the serviced counters. The goods are usually presented very nicely behind the glass, but I can only roughly see what they are, not to mention the prices. I can only say: - I would like a piece of that, please. And I point to it. This is a shame, since the same range of sausage or cheese is not always packed in the refrigerated section. But I can also make it a little adventure by simply pointing at something without knowing what it is and letting me surprise what I get. Like this, I discover something new..

Sometimes I try it in a different way and ask the lady behind the counter what Italian cheese she has. Unfortunately, the sales staff in the supermarket is usually overwhelmed and point me to a speciality shop.

The self-service for fruits and vegetables is a little easier. Usually, you can clearly see what's lying there. It gets more difficult with the number that you need for scaling your cucumbers. It is usually stuck on a little label at the back of the crate. I have to bend over the crates and remove the label so I can read it. Which sometimes triggers astonished looks from customers and employees. In rare cases, three or four boxes are arranged one behind the other and I would have to lie down on the bananas or cabbage to get the label. Then I look for support (not for lying down or getting up again but for reading).

Sometimes I use a magnifying glass to distinguish cinnamon from curry. Once, when I was examining a pack of rice (risotto or basmati?) and other customer approached me and wanted to know whether I was a food inspector and if there was something in that rice that she shouldn't eat,