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Things fall. If they are small, it is difficult for a Stargardian to find them again. The ears help, but sometimes they need a broom.

Sometimes, when working in the kitchen or at my desk, I inadvertently knock a small object over the edge, and it falls to the floor. I then follow it with my ears and listen carefully to where it rolls: under the table, away from the kitchen counter or with a pirouette into the middle of the room. Hard objects are easier to follow by ear, such as bottle caps or laundry pegs. Others are softer - and therefore quieter - or bounce and are more difficult to locate, such as an eraser or coffee beans. It's almost impossible for me to find these little things just by looking at the floor. If the localisation with my ears has worked, I can bend down and pick up the object up without looking. Sometimes, I only have a rough idea of where it is. I then get down on my knees and run my hand over the floor two or three times. If my hand doesn't find anything, I get help: the broom. I use it to sweep over the area where I last heard the object until I hear it ringing or scratching again. Then I know that my screw or peanut has got caught in the broom. This almost always works, only if the object is too round and rolls too well - and I'm sweeping too energetically - the object escapes in the other corner of the room. Or under the fridge.