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There are situations where I puzzle over a remark or behaviour of people around me. This is not surprising in itself, to Stargardtians this happens frequently and constantly. The solution to the puzzle is always that I lacked a visual cue, or I've simply not seen the triggering event.

 Sometimes the puzzle solves itself quickly. A classic is for example when I am with friends on the way home, and suddenly one says: "See you next time, I'm taking this bus." Which bus? The road is empty, I can't hear an engine nor see any headlights. Is there actually a bus stop at all here? Oh, I think I remember one on the other side of the road. And right there are those screens that announce when the next bus will arrive. As we say goodbye, the bus is turning around a corner and slowing down to pick up my friend.

Sometimes it takes somewhat longer until I find an explanation. Recently, I was at a three-day conference with more than one hundred participants. The moderator led the large group well through the program. On the last afternoon, there was a time slot where participants were asked to give their feedback of the event right in the plenary. The moderator moved through the rows of seats and handed each speaker the microphone. And she greeted everyone by his or her name. I was quite impressed, an accomplishment to know all the participants by names in just three days. A few days later, when I filed the documents and materials of the conference, I also came across my name tag. And it dawned on me: We had all such a thing around your necks! The moderator took the name of the next speaker of the name tags. For Stargardter these tags have no real function.

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