Here is a challenge from everyday life: Try applying white toothpaste to white toothbrush bristles, all against the background of a white washbasin. It was not uncommon for me to get a portion of toothpaste on the white tiles on the floor or on my feet. How to eliminate this problem.

I found the solution: I use my sense of touch. I don't put the toothpaste on the brush but on my tongue. As it is very sensitive the dosage is therefore not a problem. It is also easy to apply the paste to the brush by the tongue. And the amount of toothpaste on the floor has decreased significantly

When I think about it, I need the sense of touch quite often - and not just with my tongue. So I look for the headphones in my bag without looking inside. I know the shape and surface texture of the case, which differs significantly from that of my binoculars. Another example is washing the dishes: here the fingers can trace the smallest residues of dirt that escaped the sponge.

Or I catch myself touching plants. The foliage of a hedge or tree bark has an interesting visual structure and I run my hand over it to see how it feels. Sometimes the impression is confirmed, sometimes it feels very different from what I see with my eyes.